Valve, pipe & fitting

Valve, pipe & fitting

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TY-glass lined valve, pipe & fitting offers an excellent resistance to corrosion, abrasion, mechanical and thermal shocks.


Manual valve

Control valve

Pipe & Fitting

Temperature: -20 ~ 200 degrees
Application: Acid/Alkali (Petroleum, Chemical, Pharmacy, Food etc.)
Standard: ANSI, JIS
Specification: 1”(25A) to 12” (250A)

Good corrosion resistance to strong acid (H2SO4,HCl,…) and Alkali.
High purity: It’s very good when you produce sensitive chemical, and it’s free from impurities
Safety: It’s good for high pressure and temperature
Cleaning: Glass lined is non adhesive. It’s easy to clean by water

Operating Conditions:
As per ASME code
Admissible operating pressure in the Pipes and Fittings -1/6 bar
Admissible operating temperature -25° / +250°C
Dimensions according to DIN 2873